About us

Our company was founded through a joint venture Israel – Moldova in 2006. Since then we have been engaged in the latest technologies in the field of finishing materials! We have offices in Europe, Middle East, North America and other.

Our company has international certification ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 and is included in the Israeli Green Building Association.

ISO 9001
ISO 14001

About the product

“Smart Stone” is an absolute imitation of hand-made “antique” marble and luxurious wood. It reduces the general cost of all of construction and design work. In addition, speeds up the construction process.

“Smart Stone” is a cost-effective solution that is designed to apply to the exterior and interior decoration of walls, ceiling cornices, columns, and other complex elements. The capabilities of the product mirror the finishing of natural stone, but it can also easily bend which accommodates installation on angular surfaces.

“Smart Stone” is protected by a patent and designed to meet all modern requirements, guarantees high quality of finishing work and extension of the warranty period for the operation of buildings and structures.


On top of its excellent design characteristics Smart Stone provides:

– Ecological and economical benefits.

– Resistant to environmental impact.

– Energy-saving.

– Insulation against water, vapor, mold and noise.

– Its color is resistant to sun rays.

– Its resistant to especially high and low temperatures.

– Improving insulation.

Its immune to cracking and breaking as a result of sharp climate changes.

Technical data

Ecology – class 1.
Energy-saving – l 0.137w/ m²k.
Water absorption – 0% (after installation)
Ultraviolet- iso 105 – Level 5 (no impact)
Tensile strength – 8.1 mPa (no cracking)
Breaking force – 0.5 mPa.
Temperature profile – (-50) – (+700)
Cycling – f100.
No impact of salt, alkali, acids.
Weight ≈ 2kg – 1m2.
Thickness ≈ 2mm.

“Smart Stone” acquires all its final characteristics only after the installation and full adhesion of the glue. 


Deliveries anywhere in the world from 100m².

You can choose the shipping method you want:

Sea container 20ft. Holds 7500 m² on Euro pallets.


Cardboard box holds from 4.5 m² to 9.0 m²

The quality is confirmed by the institutes of standards in Europe, Israel, Canada, Belarus and Moldova.
“Smart Stone” – Can perform the whole range of high-quality work in a single cycle of finishing works, it is a global solution to complex problems in architecture and construction.


“Smart Stone”, due to the low weight, can be installed on any surface – concrete, plaster, plastic, wood, glass and more. In addition, elastic stone is suitable to cover any interior or exterior home item – walls, ceilings, corners, fences, basements, pillars, even the round ones.






Smart Stone installation

Fast, clean, no special tools, no wet and messy preparatory processes


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